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Quarry © Ran Green

Quarry © Ran Green

He carves his own path
deep in the ground.
and in his first festival with flowers,
To sprout and bloom in the glory of the flowers.

Exalted, high and high,
Proud and proclaiming with genius, I am beautiful.
Yes, there was another time when this saying came out,
Indeed, Uri Mizhar in the field, and a lot of talent and creativity.

But the quarry is his own,
I am the first to peep and peep.
I am the king of autumn,
I am a king, without hesitation.

Well Hatzboosh you understand,
Don't be so arrogant.
a little humility and modesty,
That's how you look more beautiful.

OK I got it,
Repeat me, and my saying.
I am a carver
white flowers,
quickly emerging,
And from today they are humble.

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