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שירי אהבה

אני ופרחי

love songs

Get up early in the morning for a new and fruitful day.

To wake up to love, aim for it to arrive as soon as possible.

be as revealing as possible,

To reach the destination of great love.

Straight from my mind emanating a multitude of images.

past, present, future together or separately,

Stepping towards the first book.

Poetry is the words of the soul and an innate or created talent.

The insight that my mind is my engine for creation in a variety of arts.

That is, a multi-talent of born talent, created thanks to one statement.

A statement that I have determined forever in my mind to "leave a mark on the world".

I loved, love, will be loved in the future forever.

You are the one to conquer my heart.

And one someone, one singer who passed away

And he was, in my opinion, the best singer in Israel.

and as a token of appreciation for him and his activity,

I am currently creating his image in colored stained glass.

and on the day of his ascension to his grave,

I will give his wife the piece as a gift,

With golden dedication and black contour.

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