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How is this © Ran Green

How is this © Ran Green

How does a star fall from the sky?
How is a movie star born?
How did a singer suddenly move on?
How is the singer in the mask?

Enough of the where, and let's move on to the llama!
Why do birds peck
Why do spiders weave webs?
Why do trees grow and grow up to the sky?

Hey, it's enough to melt like that, it's not a poem at all!
Who are you to tell me like that?
My Lord is here, and so is the Lord, point is over!
And how is it that the song came out of such a mess?

There is not and will never be another song like this shit,
That's what mother and father said from above.
Well, if they decided so,
Who am I to refuse, this is the end of the song.

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