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When you are hungry, tired or under stress, willpower also wanes

When you are hungry, tired or under stress, willpower also wanes.

For example, someone who tries to stop smoking and at the same time also eat less,

will create too great a burden on willpower.

Another tip is to train willpower every day in small tasks.

For example, performing a task with the non-dominant hand or maintaining an upright posture all day.

The willpower that will be strengthened in the small tasks,

will also affect other larger tasks. And finally,

willpower is related to the energy system in the body.

In the end, although the bookshelf on willpower,

Self-control and determination is already quite busy, it should be noted.

In addition to practical advice on how to strengthen willpower,

and with the addition of stories about people who succeeded in doing so,

They will add more elements to the existing toolbox and inspire.

This is what I do in my daily life and manage to overcome daily failures

small and large

I have no ambitions to be a mentor, it is not my calling.

But if I help those who read this article, it is mine.

A personal example, what happened to me recently

And what is my conclusion?

Stay until the end, it's fascinating.

that I impose on myself,

Customer care

Answering phones and emails.

Writing quotes and sending them.

to work in the studio for a client

I don't know?

I do know Ilan Ludbinski, the designer,

for whom I would do anything,

Also getting up early in the morning when I'm cold in the winter.

It was on Wednesday of the week

And I was ready to travel to Be'er Sheva for a meeting with a client.

Lucky he called me to change the meeting time,

scheduled for Thursday of the week,

Only then did the token fall to me, even though everything is written in the diary.

Weird right, do you agree with me?

How and why did this happen?

in one word


Yes, too many tasks.


Reduce tasks, put the less important ones aside!

or forget about them forever,

Because time is a waste because it is our most precious commodity.

Just make order in the mess.

As I did this morning on the recommendation of a friend

Download an artificial intelligence photo design application

and the wisdom of the masses.

I registered and then I realized and deleted the registration because it is unnecessary for me

at the moment

And a waste of my time!

And why did I bother to write this article?

Because that's how I understood and internalized what I had to do.


And if I helped any of you

happy i am

If you liked it, share it with: friends, colleagues, family and whoever you want.

I already earned mine with honest logic and insight.


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