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הפעם מאמר באנגלית, מרתק שבינה מלאכותית עזרה בעריכתו

Walk in the fascinating Sahara desert ride a camel singing camels Just witness the sunrise Early in the morning we got out of the luxurious bed in jeeps to the desired destination And we won. To create mirages in art is equally fascinating. begins to think about what the piece is about, I decided, the boss of American rock, Bruce "BORN TO RUN" The veterans among you must know, And if you were at his concert You will never forget her. By the way, the young people only know singers and bands from the last time. And I was privileged to be at Woodstock In Madison to experience Led Zeppelin, yes many years ago Etched in my memory and I would love to go back there Be young again! Would I change anything in my past? Probably so! going back to the boss to create it in stained glass and get help from artificial intelligence. Film the process and final result in a video in English. because i was born to BORN TO BE WILD The script is all in my head waiting for the right time Until I have time for it. If I can dream it I can do it. I know you are already waiting to see And maybe even purchase the piece this wonderful Then you will discover tolerance and empathy Because it will come, it will come At the right time for the world waiting for him A dear friend told me yesterday NFT will sell. I answered him, no it's not for me! I do sell my works, or gives to other artists for a fee my creations We lied on screen in my shows. And went to see it LIVE And it was really cool and surprising for me. Made me want more, To my ego in humility and acceptance of God. of the best in me to give to our great round world, to the universe Because if you don't see my works in public, And only I experience them What did I do and contribute to humanity? Nothing, zero. So again patience and tolerance A lesson I learned from my life, Everything comes and will come at the time. That day on my daily fitness walk In it I start new articles, ideas and songs And even a script, remember. Suddenly it started pouring rain and I am all wet I entered the balcony where a guy and a girl of 20 were sitting playing chess When will the mat arrive? Making acquaintances they are from the guard movement. I tell them about my video script, It turns out that they don't know artists of the past. Know only from this time, their entire loss, Because they are the cornerstones of world culture. And if you got this far, A sign you liked what you had interesting and fascinating. want to talk about it hear more, By the way may share... I am available in any way: Phone, email and WhatsApp whatever you like We will listen...


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